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AISC – Engineering Journal

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Uksun, K., Leon, R.T., Galambos, T.V. “Behavior of Steel Joist Girder Structures with PR Column Bases“, Third Quarter 2007, pp 243-254.

Uksun, K., Leon, R.T., Galambos, T.V. “Seismic Design of Steel Joist Girder Structures“, Third Quarter 2007, pp 233-242.

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Magazine Articles
AISC – Modern Steel Construction

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Fisher, J. “Joist Cause“, March 2020.

Fisher, J. “Concentrating on Loads“, June 2018.

Samuelson, D., West, M.A. “Steel Joist Floor Systems: Best Practices“, March 2016.

Brothersen, B., Holtermann, T., Martin, J. “How to Determine the Best Connections for Steel Joists and Metal Deck. More or Less“, December 2015.

Broom, B. “Fielding Modifications with Ease“, March 2015.

Fisher, J.M. “Product Expert Series: Open-Web Steel Joists“, January 2012.

Brothersen, B., Holtermann, T. “A More Practical Joist Specification“, February 2011.

Pote, J. “Avoiding Mixed Messages in Specifying Joist Design Loads“, May 2010, pp 54-56.

Roach, M. “Raising Expectations“, October 2009.

Marxhausen, P., Henley, D. “Increasing Overhead Capacity“, September 2009.

Pugh, C. “BIM and Beyond“, November 2008.

Green, P.S., Holtermann, T. “Supporting Role“, September 2008, pp 10, 12-13.

Steel Joist Institute Members of the Education, EPC and Research Committees “The Steel Quiz“, September 2008, pp 12 and 14.

Sedki, M. “Saved from the Wrecking Ball“, February 2008.

Hanagan, L.M., Chattoraj, M. “The Cost Equation When Designing for Floor Vibrations“, January 2008.

Moran, P.J., Jensen, E., “Joist Cause“, October 2007.

Green, P.S., and Alwood, T. “Joist the Facts“, March 2007, pp 39-40.

Holtermann, T., Potts, D., Sellers, B., and Worthley, W. “Hints on Using Joists Efficiently,” April 2005.

Holtermann, T.J. “10 Tips for Designing with Steel Joists,” September 2004.

Samuelson, D. “Composite Joist Advantage,” September 2003.

Schultz, W. “Design of Fire-Resistive Assemblies with Steel Joists,” August 2003.

Phaneuf, R.A., Broekemeier, M., Holtermann, T. and Murphy, D. “Steel Joists,” May 2002.

Myers, W.B. “Selecting and Specifying Steel Joists,” April 2002.

ASCE – Civil Engineering

Copyright © American Society of Civil Engineers | Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

Holterman, T., Sellers R.S., Berger, S., Broekemeier, M., Clark, K., Perry, M., Pugh, C., Worthley, W., Fisher, J.M., Green, P.S., “Letters“, April 2007, pp 6.

Nelson, E.L., Ahuja, D., Verhulst, S.M., Criste, E. “The Source of the Problem“, January 2007, pp. 50-55.

Informed Infrastructure

Copyright © Informed Infrastructure | Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

Barnett, J., Smith, L., “Texas-Sized Joist Girder: A New Flat Roll Steel Mill in Texas Requires Engineers To Think Big“, October 2020, pp 22-25.

Samuelson, D., “Introduction to CJ-Series Steel Joists in Floor Systems“, June 2019.

Structural Engineer

Copyright © Structural Engineer | Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

Roach M. “Collaborative Steel Joist Design“, July 2010, pp 32-33.

Green, P.S. “Designing Steel Joists with Ease“, March, 2010.

Samuelson, P.E. “Material Matters: Understanding Steel Joists“, December 2007, pp 28-31.

Holtermann, T. “Up on the Rooftop“, April 2007, pp 22-23, 26-27.


Copyright © STRUCTURE Magazine | Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. |

Martignetti, M., “Using Composite Steel Joists“, November 2020, pp 24-25

Cipra, J. “AISI BIM Initiative“, April 2014, pp 51.

SJI Engineering Practice Committee Ad-hoc Group: Tim Holtermann, P.E., Bruce Brothersen, P.E., Mark Perry, P.E., Walter Worthley, P.E. “Defining Responsibilities in Steel Joist Design“, November 2008, pp 10, 12-13.

Lucas, J.M. “Take a Few Moments to Do It Right“, November 2006, pp 16-20.

Fisher, J. and Sputo T. “Are Your Roof Members Overstressed?“, May 2017, pp 30-33.

Charles, K. and Paul, B. “Environmental Product Declarations“, April 2017, pp 52.


Copyright © Building Design & Construction Magazine| Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. |

Bady, S. “New SJI Rule on Steel Joists“, January 2012, pp 51-52.

Schneider, J., “Steel Joists Clean Up a Car Wash’s Carbon Footprint“, March 2011.

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