Steel Joist Institute – Market Commentary

The North American construction market is in the midst of an unprecedented boom. 

In 2020, Steel Joist Institute members produced approximately 1.14 million tons.  In the six months ending in April 2021,  SJI joist bookings have been 1.15 million tons, so our Members have booked a year of work in six months.  The inevitable result of this surge is that delivery times have extended well beyond normal.  

In response to this demand surge, SJI Member companies have added production capacity.  For the first four months of 2021, SJI Member shipments have risen 35% from 2020 levels.  SJI Members continue to add incremental capacity at their plants in an effort to increase production and shorten lead times.

SJI Members anticipate that this situation will persist for some time.  Owners, general contractors, and fabricators should all make adequate provisions in their planning to ensure projects remain on schedule.

May 18, 2021

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