Bridging – How it Works and What to Work Around – Quiz


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Product Description

Want to earn professional development hours? Take the Bridging – How it Works and What to Work Around quiz after you have watched the free Webinar on Demand video. The online quiz consists of 10 multiple-choice questions. After purchasing the quiz you will be given up to two attempts to complete. Pass the quiz with 80% or above and you can earn 1.5 PDH credits.

Steel joists provide excellent economy for vertical, in-plane loads. The lateral support bracing system – bridging – is a key to the performance of a steel joist. This webinar will explore steel joist bridging from two perspectives. First, the types, roles, forces, and specification criteria – “how it works.” And second, the challenges, potential conflicts, and solutions for the bridging layout and installation – “what to work around.”

Learning objectives:

  • The types and roles of bridging will be covered.
  • The governing criteria for the bridging spacing and sizing will be reviewed.
  • The connection details and options will be explored, both the drawing details and the realities of field installation.
  • A number of potential conflicts and resolutions for bridging locations will be discussed, such as working around sprinkler systems.