Simple Connections Simplified – Quiz


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Product Description

Want to earn professional development hours? Take the Simple Connections Simplified quiz after you have watched the free Webinar on Demand video. The online quiz consists of 10 multiple-choice questions. After purchasing the quiz you will be given up to two attempts to complete. Pass the quiz with 80% or above and you can earn 1.5 PDH credits.

This webinar will explore the best connections for all things joist and deck, with an eye towards keeping them simple! First for joists and then for deck, the requirements and options for attachment to the supports will be covered. Then the discussion will involve all of the stuff that ends up being attached to the joists and deck – both the structural and trade elements that may be attached and the various methods of making those connections.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the requirements for joist and Joist Girder anchorage to supports.
  • Review bridging connections and connections that are part of lateral load resisting systems.
  • Understand the options for hanging loads from joists, either from structural or trade elements.
  • Identity the deck to support connection types and details.
  • Summarize deck connection patterns and applications.
  • Review deck hanging load connections.