Joist Investigation Form

Engineers, Architects, Specifying Professionals, Contractors and others trying to identify older joists found in the field can now fill out the form below, or they can use this downloadable form to provide the necessary information to the SJI office. Please fill out as much information as possible. This will help the SJI office in making a proper match of your joist information to those in our extensive historical files.

When filling in the form regarding the joist chord and web member properties, it is recommended that the field measurements be taken with a micrometer rather than a tape measure, since chord thicknesses can vary by as little as 1/64 inch and web diameters can vary by 1/32 inch.

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Note: Top chord and bottom chord are usually NOT the same size, so please make sure you measure both.





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Sending pictures or sketches of the joist profiles is also recommended when the member cross-sections seem to be of a proprietary nature.

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