Environmental Product Declarations

The Steel Joist Institute and its members have undertaken the development of this Environmental Product Declaration to show the construction industry the merits of steel joist construction from a sustainability point of view.

Green building professionals have known for decades that the steel used in the manufacture of our products is highly recycled; more than 85% of the steel used in production of steel joist product in North America comes through recycling. And when the service life of the building is over, steel joists can be recycled and the material used to build another building, create an automobile or become a home appliance.

This publication, based on rigorous LCA research and broad sampling of our industry, provides scientific backup for what we already knew: Steel has always been the leading material for safe, sustainable construction and will continue to be a leader in green buildings.

Signing & Sealing

SJI’s provides a position paper to avoid both the misuse of the joist engineer’s professional seal and clarify the responsibilities of the Design Professional of Record.

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