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This should be checked with the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) published information or the steel deck manufacturer’s catalog for the steel deck being used.

The SJI may be able to help with this information. Completing the information on the Joist Investigation Form and submitting it to the SJI may help them get this for you.

The SJI’s Code of Standard Practice provides information on what information should be included on the structural drawings for the joist manufacturer. Complete joist and joist girder designations must be provided. The joist and joist girder connection(s) to the structure must be provided. This includes the bolting and/or welding requirements for the bearing seat connection. A wind zone map of the building complete with upward and downward wind loads for each zone. A dead load for calculating Net-Uplift should be provided. All wind and earthquake loads should be given as Strength Level forces.

The project’s EOR is responsible for providing a structure that will support the joists and joist girders. The General Contractor is responsible for the building construction such that joists and joist girders are properly supported and braced during construction. The OSHA regulations provide the minimum requirements and responsibilities for the structural steel and Open Web Steel Joist Erection Standards.

In this case you have to rely on the information available from the contract drawings and what can be obtained from field measurements.

Most joist manufacturers are willing to provide generic technical information. Providing job specific information can be difficult to obtain as most manufacturers are reluctant to provide this information due to liability concerns. The more generic you can make your information request, the more likely it will be that the manufacturer will be willing to provide the information you need.

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