Designing with Steel Roof Deck


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The Steel Joist Institute is partnering with the Steel Deck Institute for the webinar “Designing with Steel Roof Deck.” This webinar will expand your knowledge of steel roof deck by introducing you to the benefits, manufacturing processes, shapes, properties, and finishes of this product. Basis of this presentation is SDI’s Roof Deck Design Manual (RDDM). Various roof deck design considerations will be explored as well as an overall coverage of fasteners and industry construction practices. Gain an in-depth coverage of roof deck as we examine specific tables and examples from RDDM. At the conclusion of this webinar you will have the knowledge to design with steel roof deck more efficiently while potentially reducing the cost of construction.

This webinar will:

  • Introduce the SDI Roof Deck Design Manual and review some of the useful content that is offers the designer and installer.
  • Provide an overview of steel roof deck as far as what it is and how it is manufactured and installed.
  • Explain design examples beginning with the section properties and walking through different load cases.
  • Present different industry accepted methods of attaching steel deck.
  • Highlight the tabulated data and example problems that RDDM offers.