Diaphragm Design with Steel Deck


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This webinar from the Steel Joist Institute and the Steel Deck Institute will expand your knowledge of steel deck diaphragms for roof and floor decks, including the requirements of the ANSI/AISI S310 North American Standard for the Design of Profiled Steel Diaphragm Panels. The basis of this presentation is the new Fourth Edition of the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) Diaphragm Design Manual (DDM04). Topics to be discussed include diaphragm strength and stiffness, fasteners and connections, and warping and stiffness properties. The greatly expanded Design Examples and Load Tables that are included in DDM04 will also be discussed. The goal of this webinar is to enable the participant to design steel deck diaphragms with greater efficiency resulting in lower construction costs.

This webinar will:

  • Provide a basic description of a steel deck, including how it is designed and manufactured.
  • Describe how steel deck behaves as a diaphragm for both floors and roofs.
  • Explain how to determine the capacity of a steel deck diaphragm for both strength and stiffness.
  • Describe the various types and arrangements of fasteners that are commonly used for the attachment of steel deck diaphragms and how they affect the capacities of the diaphragm, including warping and stiffness.
  • Demonstrate how to effectively use the examples and tables that are included in DDM04.