Joist Girder Moment Connections Using Knife Plates of HSS Columns




The Steel Joist Institute brings a special guest speaker, Dr. James M. Fisher, for the webinar “Joist Girder Moment Connections using Knife Plates on HSS Columns.” The Knife Plate Connection consists of a vertical plate welded to the column cap plate. The Joist Girder top chord envelopes the knife plate and is welded to the top of the knife plate. The vertical reactions (both gravity and uplift) and the horizontal chord force are transferred to the column through the weld between the Joist Girder top chord and the knife plate and then through the column cap plate. For Joist Girders framing to both sides of the column the knife plate can also be used to transfer continuity forces from one Joist Girder to the other. The bottom chord force is transferred to the column through the stabilizer plates.

This webinar focuses on:

  1. Understanding the complexity of Joist Girder Moment Connections.
  2. Learning the AISC design requirements for Joist Girder Moment Connections to HSS Columns.
  3. How to use the SJI Spreadsheet for connection design and checking, and to select HSS Columns for connection efficiency and costs.
  4. How to perform preliminary design procedures for optimum use of the Spreadsheet.

Dr. James M. Fisher is Vice President Emeritus of Computerized Structural Design (CSD), a Milwaukee, WI based structural engineering firm.