Roof Bay Analysis Tool – With Ponding Analysis


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This Roof Bay Analysis Tool has been developed by the Steel Joist Institute to assist the structural engineer of record with selecting optimal bay sizes and framing options. The tool provides a number of input options allowing for customization based on project criteria and designer preference as well as owner and code requirements.

Also included is a Ponding Analysis option to further assist the engineer in properly evaluating additional loading conditions.

Roof Bay Analysis Version 5.1 is available for free download.

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The SJI Roof Bay Analysis Tool – With Ponding Analysis spreadsheet has become a valuable part of our structural design process. It is intuitive to use and is highly customizable for each project-specific situation. With this tool we can quickly analyze safe and efficient roof framing designs and verify they are not susceptible to ponding instabilities.” – Kevin Palarz, S.E. – Grivas-Krause Associates