SJI and RISA Composite Steel Joist



Product Description

Composite steel construction has been recognized for a number of years as one of the most economical systems for constructing building floors. This webinar will focus on information contained within SJI’s “2nd Edition, Standard Specifications for Composite Steel Joists, Weight Tables and Bridging Tables, Code of Standard Practice”, while outlining potential benefits for utilizing SJI’s CJ-Series composite joists, discuss installation of welded shear studs, discuss typical cambering and placement of concrete, and describe recent projects where CJ-Series composite joists have been utilized.

Additionally, to facilitate the efficient design and preliminary cost studies, this webinar will demonstrate new technology, developed by RISA that allows engineers to utilize RISAFloor in order to quickly determine the required CJ-Series joist size, quantity of welded shear studs, and resulting total CJ-Series joist and bridging weights for your specific project.

This is a joint webinar with the Steel Joist Institute and RISA.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understand the potential benefits of using SJI’s CJ-Series composite joists.
  • Evaluate the computational aspects of composite steel joist behavior per SJI’s new 2nd Edition CJ-Series Specifications.
  • Review guidelines for installing welded shear studs onto the chords of CJ-Series joists and serviceability considerations.
  • Examine projects highlighting the recent use of SJI’s CJ-Series composite joists.
  • Learn how RISAFloor can assist in determining the optimal CJ-Series joist size and assist in determining the total required CJ-Series joist weight and shear stud quantity for your specific project.


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