Technical Digest 5 Vibration of Steel Joist – Concrete Floors


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The revised Technical Digest 5 will assist in determining the response of steel joist supported concrete slab framing systems subjected to human movement, including walking and rhythmic activities that cause floor vibrations.  This 58-page publication was developed by Dr. Thomas M. Murray and Dr. Brad Davis and reviewed by the SJI Research and Engineering Practice Committees.  The content was built on the historical work of Dr. Theodore Galambos, former Consulting Engineer to the Steel Joist Institute.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Natural frequency of steel joist supported concrete floor systems
  • Walking excitation
  • Rhythmic excitations
  • Vibration software and finite element analysis
  • Vibration evaluation and potential remedial measures or lively floors due to walking

Published Second Edition January 2015

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