Technical Digest 9 Handling and Erection of Steel Joists and Joist Girders


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This updated Technical Digest contains a thorough coverage of the proper handling and erection procedures to be employed in the field to make certain that SJI joist products are not damaged, that they perform as specified, and above all, to ensure the safety of the erectors.  The digest includes descriptions of the standard products:  K-Series joists, LH/DLH-Series joists, joist girders and now CJ-Series joists, how joist products are prepared, tagged, loaded and shipped from the joist manufacturer’s plant, how they are to be unloaded and stored at the job site, how the joist products are to be erected including bridging, and field inspection.  Other topics covered in the digest are panelized erection and common field issues.

This edition contains information related to the newest standard joist product, the CJ-Series joists that were introduced in 2007.  It also includes updated information on Bridging in Chapter 8 as well as some additional topics added to the list of Miscellaneous Topics – Common Field Issues in Chapter 9.

General contractors, steel erectors, inspectors, and building officials would most benefit from this Technical Digest.  Engineers and Architects would also benefit from the information contained in the digest if part of their responsibilities is to oversee joist and joist girder projects under construction.

Chapters include:

  • Products
  • Pre-erection meeting
  • Loading and shipping
  • Receiving, unloading and storing
  • Erecting joist products
  • Field inspection
  • Panelized erection
  • Bridging
  • Miscellaneous topics – common field issues
  • Summary – do’s and don’ts

Published Third Edition March 2008

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