Food Processing Plant

2010 Design Award Winner

Van Buren, AR

Structural Engineer
Burrough-Brasuell Corp.

Burrough-Brasuell Corp.

Steel Joist Manufacturer

Steel Fabricator
MBM Enterprises

This client desired a new structure to be erected over the existing structure that encompassed an overbuild area of 132,500 square feet. In particular, it had to be low maintenance and corrosion-resistant. To meet these criteria the final project design consisted of a stainless steel roof deck, galvanized joist and joist girders, galvanized columns, beams, bracing and girts and stainless steel insulated wall panels.

From the start of joist engineering and the detailing of the structural steel by MBM Enterprises, the fabrication and erection of 391 tons of joist/joist girder, 254 tons of structural steel and installation of 132.5 squares of stainless steel deck was 92 days. The joist and joist girder erection took 50 days.

The primary advantage of the chosen joist/joist-girder design was relatively cost and the accelerated delivery schedule to match the project requirements. The design was compared with a precast concrete structure, a pre-enginnered building structure, a structural beam-and-joist system and a fabricated truss and joist system. The joist/joist girder construction provided the lightest components with the most efficient structural characteristics for the conditions of the project.