Best Practices for Steel Joist, Joist Girder, Steel Deck Construction

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the economies of various combinations of joists, Joist Girders, bridging and deck that create bay framing. Which span-to-depth ratio is most economical? What about special shapes and freight? What about joist spacing versus deck gage and type? And what about fastener types and installation protocol for the deck? We’ll review the relative cost impacts of special loads and conditions (such as a concentrated load at undefined locations).

Learning objectives:

  • Examine factors that influence the joist framing system, including joist spacing, member depths, and bay orientation and dimensions.
  • Review economical deck selection, both relative to joist spacing and to attachment patterns for diaphragm strength.
  • Learn from relative economic comparisons for point loads, special shapes and freight.
  • Review other practical and economical tips for details like bearing seats and bridging.

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