Steel-Framed Storm Shelters


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High-wind events such as hurricanes and tornadoes have created a call for storm shelters or safe rooms to be provided in schools and other critical occupancy buildings. This webinar will offer an introduction to the newest AISC Design Guide 35. The design guide outlines design requirements for steel-framed storm shelters and safe rooms. Topics covered by the design guide include load criteria, building envelope considerations, framing systems design considerations, and design examples. In addition to discussing the design guide, the webinar will also present an overview of the more economical missile impact design solutions identified by an SJI co-funded research project.

The learning objectives include:

  • Explain the difference between a storm shelter and a safe room.
  • Understanding of the missile impact testing and its design implications.
  • Explain the unique aspects of storm shelter design.
  • Familiarization with the application of storm shelter design requirements.