Boston Seaport Block L4

Boston, MA

Structural Engineer
McNamara Salvia Structural Engineers


Steel Joist Manufacturer
Nucor, Vulcraft Group

Steel Fabricator
Cives Steel Company

This building features a timeless design that captures the essence of Boston’s Industrial history. It is a 525,000 square foot 17-story mixed use office complex. Outdoor terraces alternate with each floor, with a Paseo with a street-level public promenade with restaurants and shops which connect to a public park and amphitheater. Vulcraft’ s composite long-span joist were used due to efficiency and cost effectiveness. Flush end connections were used to keep the floor-to-floor height to a minimum and to significantly reduce the vibration. Due to the MEP requirements the joists utilized Vierendeel opens to allow for larger ductwork to pass through the joist without impacting the floor to floor height.