Data Center

St. Louis, MO

Structural Engineer
KPFF Consulting Engineers

Fox Architects

Steel Joist Manufacturer

Steel Fabricator
Hammerts Iron Works

KPFF Consulting Engineers provided structural engineering services for the new 32,000sf data center on the headquarters campus of Emerson in Saint Louis, Missouri. The data center is designed for tornadic winds and seismic loading conditions above the level required by the governing Building Code. Additionally, a 17,000sf solar panel structure is located above the roof, contributing LEED points to this green project.

Open web steel joists were used to support the 7800sf sloped, triangular solar array and to withstand 150 mph winds. Double pitched top chord bar joists were also used to support the 14,500sf upper roof of the data center and to withstand 200 mph winds. These joists also support a number of solar array structure posts.