Project Buffalo

Sinton, TX

Structural Engineer
CSD Structural Engineers


Steel Joist Manufacturer
New Millennium Building Systems, LLC

Steel Fabricator
Varies, Orizon, FabArc, Grey Wolf

A new $1.9 billion state-of-the-art electric -arc-furnace (EAF) flat roll steel mill in Sinton, Texas. Consisting of New Millennium Building Systems steel joist, joist girders and steel roof deck.

The steel mill will be a campus of buildings that will occupy 1,000 acres of the 2,500 acres associated with the project. The facility features coating lines, a cold mill, a hot mill, a melt shop, an administration building with a cafeteria.

The system, while pushing the limits of joist products, allowed the speed of assembly line fabrication and shipping of pieces avoiding the long schedule and possible on- site fabrication of the structural steel truss alternative. The system also allowed longer spans and wider bays, which permitted more economical foundation material.

New Millennium is supplying joist and joist girders for the cold mill, hot mill and melt shop as well as 1.5B roof deck for the melt shop. Estimated 230 girders are required for the cold mill, 130 tons for the hot mill and 100 for the melt shop-project is still progressing.