Material Handling System

2011 Design Award Winner

Moreno Valley, CA

Structural Engineer
McGinnis & Associates


Steel Joist Manufacturer
Valley Joist, Inc.

Steel Fabricator
Wynright Structural Solutions

This project is the design, construction and installation of 135,000 sq ft. of industrial and vast, steel fabricated mezzanines, as part of a complex material handling system for Skechers USA, in Moreno Valley, CA. Being located in a high seismic risk area, the structure needed to meet the stringent requirements of Seismic Design Category E. Through the use of a moment frame system utilizing joists and joist girders, the structural performance at these levels was assured. In this project the joist girders and tie joists were designed as critical, primary members within the SLRS, effectively treating each mezzanine column as its own mini-SLRS. This strategy allowed the seismic forces to be widely distributed throughout the mezzanine, creating a far more flexible and redundant structural system as a whole. This design decision also resulted in smaller foundation loads and simpler footing design.