Steel & Stainless Steel Process Facility

2009 Design Award Winner

Calvert, AL

Structural Engineer
Giffels-IBI Group and Gulf States Engineering

Giffels-IBI Group and Gulf States Engineering

Steel Joist Manufacturer

Steel Fabricator
Cives Steel

One of the most interesting facts of the project was the sheer size. Steel tonnage totals are as follows: Roof Joists = 1,227 tons; joist girders = 2,668 tons; wall joist = 1,045 tons; and joist bridging = 540 tons. In addition, 142,000 bolts were used for the joists and joist girders alone. Also, horizontal joists used as girts to support the metal siding enclosure eliminated the need for intermediate wind columns. On past heavy industrial projects conventional framing would generally have been used. However, on this particular project, the structural design team proved that joist and joist girder construction could be utilized in a very effective and efficient manner to resist all imposed loads and load combinations and to meet all project requirements. The joist and joist girder elements were cost effective compared to conventional fabricated steel purlins and trusses used on previous industrial projects.