Convention Center

2013 Design Award Winner

Provo, UT

Structural Engineer
Reaveley Engineers + Associates

MHTN Architects/Populous

Steel Joist Manufacturer
Quincy Joist Company

Steel Fabricator
SME Steel

The Utah Valley Convention Center is a new convention center in downtown Provo, Utah. Stacking the meeting rooms over the ballroom and the ballroom over the exhibition hall would normally require custom-fabricated trusses to clear the entire 116 feet. However, by using open web steel joists, the need for expensive custom trusses was eliminated.

The open web steel joist floor system was evaluated for vibration from rhythmic activity. Joist members were spaced close together as the chords increased in size to meet the strict floor vibration requirements. The strict vibration concerns required single-piece joists to be fabricated and delivered. The open web steel joists over the exhibition hall have been left exposed.

The overall cost of designing and using the open web steel joists for the ballroom floor, the meeting room floor and roof of the building was much less than a custom-fabricated truss.