Technical Digest 2 Bridging and Bracing of Steel Joists and Joist Girders


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Bridging is an integral component of the open web steel joist system. It braces joists against unanticipated lateral movement during installation and during placement of construction loads. It also permanently restrains the joist chords from out-of-plane or lateral movement when other means are not present. The purpose of this Technical Digest 2 is to provide the specifying professional a clear understanding of the Steel Joist Institute’s bridging requirements, both historically and as they exist today, and to provide an overview of the research topics related to joist bridging.

Chapters include:

  • Purpose of bridging
  • Bridging theory
  • SJI specification requirements
  • Responsibility for the design and specification of bridging
  • Typical details
  • Installation topics
  • Special profile joists
  • Summary of bridging research
  • Examples

Published First Edition December 2023

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