American Dream

Carlstadt, NJ

Structural Engineer


Steel Joist Manufacturer
Canam Steel Corporation

Steel Fabricator
Walters and Canam Steel Corporation

Retail and amusement park under roof located in Carlstadt, NJ. This was a complete renovation of an existing structure plus added retail space. The joist design was complex due to site conditions, needs of the owner, and complicated geometry presented by the architect to utilize the existing.

This is a high profile project in the New York City metropolitan area and is directly adjacent to the New Jersey Turnpike. It displays the usefulness, economy, and flexibility that steel joists can offer. Some of the joist, that were visible during erection, were upwards of 180’.

The steel joist in a variety of depths and lengths created the open spaces need to avoid columns in the shopping areas, amusement park and the water park. The joist provided flexibility for suspending many loads that hung within the open areas.

Canam provided the joists and deck for this structure consisting of the core, 2 connectors, amusement park and the water park. It was 1200 tons of joist and the largest quantity ranged in depths to 8’ and lengths up to 140’-0. The joists in the amusement park and water park received a shop spray applied primer to match that of the structural steel.