Airplane Assembly Plant

2012 Design Award Winner

North Charleston, SC

Structural Engineer
CMC Cary Engineering


Steel Joist Manufacturer
CMC Joist & Deck

Steel Fabricator
CMC South Carolina Steel and FabArc

Boeing’s new factory in North Charleston, SC is 697,000sf with a 1,037′ x 640′ column free factory floor. The 640′ clear span roof supports four 40 ton under-hung crane carriers with twelve different crane bridges. The factory area has a clear height of 87′. The assembly floor is book-ended by 75’x1,000′ x 5 story towers that house office and factory support services. The column free area can support (11) football fields.

The roof structure is comprised of open web joists spanning between sway trusses. The sway trusses span 100′ and are supported by the main trusses. The building is comprised of 18,000 tons of structural steel. It was designed, fabricated and erected in 10 months.

Using a steel joist system enabled the erector to panelize much of the roof structure. This allowed most of the work to be down near the ground level and expedited the erection schedule.