High School

2012 Design Award Winner

Detroit, MI

Structural Engineer
Albert Kahn & Associates

Albert Kahn & Associates

Steel Joist Manufacturer
New Millennium Building Services

Steel Fabricator
Ross Structural Steel

This job consisted of standard K-series joists, joists bearing on curved beams, double-pitched top chord joists and four different bowstring joist profiles. The school features 8 science laboratories, a high-tech media center, an athletic area with a community health clinic, an 800-seat auditorium, 2400 sq. ft. band room, 1900 sq. ft. choir room, an indoor athletic gymnasium with 1300 bleachers and an 8-lane pool and diving well with balcony seating for 230. With BIM modeling, we were able to eliminate any possible field issues prior to construction. The joist manufacturer received no phone calls regarding the joist erection, as there were no issues between joists and any other trades. Different roof elevations and multiple types of special joist profiles made this project unique. East English Village Preparatory Academy (also known as Finney-Crockett High School) will be a LEED school.