Ice Rink

East Meadow, NY

Structural Engineer
Hoffman Colsultants

Andrus Architectural Design

Steel Joist Manufacturer

Steel Fabricator
Island Steel & Detailing

This project is an ice center that features two NHL regulation size rinks, one outdoor rink, stadium seating, a pro shop, offices and locker rooms. Steel joists ranging from short spans to deep, long-spans were utilized on the project. The DLH joists were up to 9 feet deep and 167 feet long.

Steel joists allowed for very large open spaces over the rinks. At these sizes the joists could not be transported to the site in one piece, but once the joists were spliced together at the site the erection was not difficult as each joist bridged off of the adjacent joist. Other types of joists were also utilized in this project to provide an efficient floor and roof system.