Airport Hangar

Savannah, GA

Structural Engineer
The Haskell Company

The Haskell Company

Steel Joist Manufacturer
New Millennium Building Systems

Steel Fabricator
Steel Erectors, Inc.

The hangar alone was 165,000 square feet, and was separated into two halves by a central core. This addition to Gulfstream’s existing facility will help advance the company and better service its large fleet of existing aircraft.

From a steel joist design perspective, the joist manufacturer was able to design massive girders through the two hangar bays that supported over 1,000 steel joists. Each girder was designed with an inverted double pitched top chord, 12 feet deep at the ends and over 10 feet deep in the center. Each girder weighed nearly 15 tons, and at 151 feet long, each was delivered in two pieces and reassembled with bolted splices in the field. The use of such large girders allowed Gulfstream to create a hangar space completely free from obstructions.

The main advantage of selecting the steel joist system was economics over a traditional all structural steel frame. While utilizing structural steel in both systems, the joist system was lighter and more easily erected.