Kalahari Resorts Expansion

2019 Design Award Winner

Pocono Manor, PA

Structural Engineer
SCL Consulting

Architectural Design Consultants, Inc.

Steel Joist Manufacturer

Steel Fabricator
Stewart Amos Steel

The Kalahari Resorts Expansion project is located in Pocono Manor, PA. This job featured 550 tons of joists. The steel joists were of great advantage on this project as they spanned 185′ long, eliminating the need for interior columns in the convention center. These joists were up to 11′ deep at the center. They also created the double pitched roof using a double pitched top chord without the need for additional framing at the peak of the roof. This area of the country also has to deal with significant snow loading, especially drift loading where the roof elevations changed. The joists not only carried this load, but they also allowed for the suspension of folding partition walls to create a space that can be transformed from one large open area to multiple meeting spaces. This job is a great example of how open web steel joists can be an economical way of creating large open spaces.