Parking Garage

2011 Design Award Winner

Hackensack, NJ

Structural Engineer
Innovative Engineering, Inc.

Innovative Engineering, Inc.

Steel Joist Manufacturer

Steel Fabricator
Structural Steel Fabricators, Inc.

This project utilizes steel joists and joist girders to create a roof structure to support solar panels over the top level of a parking garage. A system of joists and joist girders were erected, light gauge support angles were attached across the joists and the solar panels were attached to the light gauge support angles. Because the system is exposed to the weather, all of the joists and joist girders had to have a galvanized finish.

The joist and joist girder system provides an efficient means of supporting the solar panels while limiting the required number of supports and the overall steel tonnage required and minimizing the number of columns required to maintain an open space below.