Car Wash

2010 Design Award Winner

South Jordan, UT

Structural Engineer
BHB Consulting Engineers

Nichols-Naylor Architects

Steel Joist Manufacturer

Steel Fabricator
Legacy Steel

In an effort to create a more organic feel, open-web bowstring joists were utilized to keep an open feeling beneath canopies, while creating architectural interest. Bowstring trusses were also used on the interior roof structure, in order minimize construction costs while matching the profile of the more costly tube steel trusses, on the exterior of the structure. Overall, the use of open-web joists allowed the owner to meet all his goals, creating an environmentally-friendly, architecturally-interesting structure, while keeping construction costs well in hand.

Using open-web steel joists manufactured from greater than 99% recycled material, and within 100 miles of the jobsite location, also fit into the owner’s vision of creating the most environmentally-friendly structure possible, while keeping construction costs low by minimizing the total number or fabricated tube steel trusses required for the construction of the arched roof structure.