Production Plant

Fountain Valley, CA

Structural Engineer
Brandow & Johnston, Inc.

Kajima Associates, Inc.

Steel Joist Manufacturer
Valley Joist, Inc.

Steel Fabricator
Valley Joist, Inc.

This manufacturing building consists of concrete tilt-up panel construction with approximately 67,200 square feet of roof area with various roof elevations. Open web steel joists were designed to span between panels up to 86 feet long. These roof joists support the heavy rooftop equipment and suspended maintenance catwalks below. The site is in one of the most active seismic zones in the United States. Therefore, the joists were designed to resist the large out-of-plane seismic loads, imposed from 40-foot tall concrete tilt-up panels.

The combination of steel joists and tilt-up panel construction allows all the structural components to be fabricated and erected within 10 months. The steel joist erection for both buildings took less than 2 weeks.